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I want to learn about computational biology but I don't have the background. How do I get started?
Downloading VigyaanCD and booting your computer with it should be the first step. It comes with ready to use software with quick start instructions and detailed tutorials.

How do I perform molecular dynamics (MD) simulation?
Ghemical is suitable for small systems and for larger systems we provide GROMACS.

How do I create and optimize 3-D coordinates for a small molecule?
Use Ghemical.

I need publication quality pictures of biomolecules. How do I create them?
By using PyMOL.

How do I add text and/or arrows to pictures I already have?
Use Xfig.

Is there a simple way to convert images from one format to another?
Yes. Use convert command (from Image Magick package) or The GIMP.
>convert inputfile.jpg outputfile.gif
How do I make PDF files?
You will need your document in postscript format (created by print-to-file option) to use ps2pdf utility:
>ps2pdf mydocument.pdf
If you get errors, make sure that you have postscript drivers installed for your printer and you need to have .ps extension in your filename.

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